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  Promises or results? Have you gone to a pain specialist and had no results? Ten years ago I searched for a doctor to help chronic back pain from back surgery. Ten months ago I met Dr. Igor Sher and Dr. Eric Nagaj. No promises except to work together. Ten months later I have gotten off morphine and my quality of life has increased 95 percent. I will not say to you that the pain has totally gone away and it probably never will, however, I have a great deal of confidence because I know that these two doctors will continue to work with me to control and ease the pain. The reality is that not always can it be perfect, but sometimes what makes a huge difference is the prospect of knowing that your doctors are 100 percent committed to your well-being and are willing to be there for you.

Mike Harrigan

  I began seeing Dr. Sher and Dr. Nagaj about 10 months ago for severe back pain resulting from a ski injury.  I had been to many doctors in the past with no lasting results. Finally after several years of pain and searching I met, through my good friend Mikey Harrigan,  Dr. Sher and Dr. Nagaj.  They found my problem and immediately began to work with me. The results I have gotten from working with these doctors have lifted a great burden off my back.  I used to go to sleep at night with pain, wake up with pain and go throughout the day with pain.  I am only 16 years old. I have had people tell me that I have a 70-year-old back in a teenager’s body.  Dr. Sher and Dr. Nagaj have given me a drink of their fountain of youth.

CJ Peterson

   It is hard sometimes at 85 to find doctors who will take the time to listen. It’s even harder to find those who will hear and understand those things that are affecting your health and life in general. Dr. Sher and Dr. Nagaj have both been there for me in a way that I have not experienced with other doctors.  Their main concern has not been my insurance, or any other small things, but it has been my health. 
   Aging is not easy but it is harder when you feel no one is listening. In the past six months my health has peaked beyond where it has been in years. I enjoy seeing these doctors and I look forward to living my next years in comfort thanks to their loving medical care.

Louise Ingals

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